Effective weight loss

Weight Loss

Obesity is a condition characterized by excess build up and storage of fat in the body. It is commonly
known that being overweight can lead to long term health problems such as high blood pressure, heart
disease and diabetes. Being overweight can also lead to mental health problems such as low self esteem and
certain forms of depression.

More than 30% of adults in England are obese. It is widely acknowledged by many healthcare
professionals that the incidence of obesity is increasing at a rapid rate. Losing excess weight with a good
diet, regular exercise and novel medicinal treatments is important to avoid the associated long-term health

Saxenda Individual Pen

  • Once Daily Injection
  • Weight Loss Aide
  • Store in the Fridge
  • Medically Proven

Ozempic 1mg pen - 4 doses

  • Once Weekly dose
  • 4 doses per pen
  • Easy to use
  • Easy storage

Ozempic 0.5mg pen - 4 doses

  • Once weekly dose
  • 4 doses per pen
  • Easy to use
  • Easy storage

Orlos (orlistat) 60mg capsules

  • Take Three times a day
  • 60mg dose
  • Medically proven

Orlistat 120mg

  • Take three times a day
  • Reduced absorption of dietary fat
  • Medically proven