How to walk more every day and achieve your health goals

How to walk more every day and achieve your health goals

Here are some easy ways to clock-in more steps and achieve your health goals everyday...

Often underestimated as a form of exercise; walking can actually help you a great deal with weight loss and stamina building. Even though it comes at zero cost and without any fancy equipment; walking has almost always been neglected as an effective workout.         

The truth however is, walking can be a great way to lose weight and maintain good health. Especially since the arrival of wearable technology like Fit bits; walking has suddenly received all the validation it needed as a workout. Thanks to these health tracking devices, you can now track your activity in steps, measure your calories and achieve your health targets accordingly. 

Also, walking as a workout is versatile and suitable for everyone. People who suffer from joint pain or high blood pressure too can walk at their own pace and reap the benefits. All you have to do is set daily targets and do better each day, every day.  

Read on as we take you through four simple ways in which you can increase your steps and close in to the 10,000 steps a day target...

Get a pedometer:

Start by getting yourself a pedometer, or an equivalent fitness tracking device and find out how many steps you normally walk in a day. Once you know how much you are walking daily; you can then set health goals for yourself. Depending on your daily average; you can add a realistic amount of steps to your day (say an achievable 300 steps a day) and build your stamina from there.

Lifestyle changes:

If you drive to the gym, you can choose to walk instead. If you take the bus, you can get off a stop earlier and walk an extra mile. Basically, make lifestyle changes to increase your step count and walk a few more steps each day.

Misery loves company:

Let's admit it; walking alone can be boring for some people. Whilst there are some who enjoy walking alone with their music or their thoughts; most people find it demotivating. So ask a friend or family member to tag along. Chatting with your companion will make it easier for you to walk more and clock-in more steps. 

Set reminders:

If you have a desk job or live a sedentary lifestyle; it can very easily slip your mind to walk around enough. This is precisely why, setting reminder alarms can help. Set a reminder for every hour so you remember to step away from what you are doing, take a break and clock-in some steps. This won’t just benefit your health but also your mind.

Incorporate active rests into your strength training:

When you do your strength training, you have a few minutes to stand around before your next set. This is when you can take a few more steps, instead of standing in one place. Between your sets, you can do jumping jacks, high knees or simply jog in place. This will add to your step count and also help you burn some extra calories. 

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