Prolactin PROL

The test can measure your prolactin levels. It’s situated in both men and women as it relates to your sexual fulfilment. It’s vital to get tested if your Prolactin levels are high. The simple finger prick blood test makes it easy for you to conduct it from the comfort of your own home. Just spend 5 minutes of your time completing the test and sending it off for your results. You will receive your results in 2-4 working days.
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  • Easy to use
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This hormone is produced in the Pituitary glands and is very important for your Reproductive system. It carries various responsibilities such as: producing breast milk in pregnant women, identifying infertility in both men and women, and can distinguish any reproductive problems i.e., erectile dysfunction. See by taking this test, you will be able to understand what your body is producing and at what rate. This will give you a clear insight into both your and your spouse’s Prolactin level, leaving you some direction on what’s next to come.

About the test results, for women, having low levels are considered normal as high results imply that you are producing less Oestrogen which will make it harder for you to conceive. Whereas for men it’s the opposite, demonstrating high levels indicates a loss of libido leading to erectile dysfunction.

Once you receive your test results, contact your GP for further support and guidance on taking the next step. Your local medical professional will be able to provide key support on how to increase your prolactin levels.

How to use

Before completing the test, wash and dry your hands. Start by removing the lid off the blood tube, then use the alcohol wipe provided within the kit to clean the tip of your fingertip. Once the area is cleaned, twist and pull the purple tip off the lancet, center the tip on your finger, and push done. This will ensure the fingertip is pricked and blood will start to release from that area. Apply some pressure to ensure a certain amount of blood is released from the finger into the tube. Continue to do it until you meet the line on the tube.

Once that’s done, push the cap back on the tube to avoid any contamination and apply a plaster to your finger. Place the blood tube back into the box and fill out any details on the form provided. Then all you must do is send it off with the pre-paid envelope and wait for your results.

Side effects & Caution

With a simple finger prick test, you will most likely not experience any symptoms or side effects. The reason is, that minimal blood is being released from your finger therefore you should have less to no symptoms from the blood test. Typically, we provide everything you need in the kit, so the alcohol wipe and plaster will be the best and most useful products that will help with your incision.

Some symptoms relative to Prolactin are the following: low sex drive, infertility, loss of periods, irritation during intercourse, etc.  Be aware of these symptoms as they could lead to improper prolactin development.

Consequently, if you are uncertain or feel as though you’re experiencing inadequate reproductive hormones then make it certain by taking the test. You will be sent all the necessary items that you will need to conduct the blood test efficiently. The test will include all the elements you might be unsure or anxious about.  

Only suitable for ages 18 and over.


The kit includes the following: 3 lancets, blood test tube, plaster, alcohol wipe, instructions, and a pre-paid envelope.