Vitamin D Levels VITD

A simple finger-prick blood test to check your Vitamin D levels. It’s an easy and effective solution as it examines the status of your levels and can identify whether you are deficient in Vitamin D. Although a lack of Vitamin D is very common in the UK, it still should be a vital component to test regularly as it connects to your immune system, bone density, and energy levels. So, keep on top of your health and order your kit today for a clearer output on your Vitamin D. The kit is straightforward to complete and can all be conducted in under 5 minutes.
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Repetitively testing your Vitamin D levels can be a tedious process if you always need to book appointments with your GP, so why not implement the Vitamin D testing kit into your routine. This way you will be able to spare five minutes in your day to conduct the test rather than an hour of your time, visiting your local doctor. The testing kit is simple and accessible to complete and has proven to be a great resource as it examines your Vitamin D levels which will help indicate whether you need more or less Vitamin D intake within your body.

Vitamin D is an essential source of nutrients for your bones and muscle function. It can be an integral part of your lifestyle if you were diagnosed with a deficiency in Vitamin D. Reason is, that your body can only absorb calcium, the main element of ones when Vitamin D is present. Therefore, you need to actively keep your levels of Vitamin D at a steady pace.

There are various ways in which you can boost your Vitamin D for example: consuming fish, spending time in the sunlight, including egg yolks in your diet, or taking a supplement.

General results from a blood test:

  • Adequate- The result is over 50 nanograms per milliliter of blood. (seen as healthy)
  • Inadequate- The result is between 30 and 50 ng/ml. (Low Vitamin D, at risk so change lifestyle)
  • Deficient - result lower than 30 ng/ml. (Developing medical condition related to Vitamin D, may experience some symptoms)

How to use

Before completing the test, wash and dry your hands. Start by removing the lid off the blood tube, then use the alcohol wipe provided within the kit to clean the tip of your fingertip. Once the area is cleaned, twist and pull the purple tip off the lancet, center the tip on your finger, and push done. This will ensure the fingertip is pricked and blood will start to release from that area. Apply some pressure to ensure a certain amount of blood is released from the finger into the tube. Continue to do it until you meet the line on the tube.

Generally, once that’s done, push the cap back on the tube to avoid any contamination and apply a plaster to your finger. Place the blood tube back into the box and fill out any details on the form provided. Then all you must do is send it off with the pre-paid envelope and wait for your results.


Side effects & Caution

Utilizing blood test kits, aren’t as hard as they seem. A finger prick won’t generally make you feel any side effects as minimal blood is needed for the test. However, if there is a potential chance, you experience some symptoms like the following: tummy aches, headache, migraines, nausea, skin reaction, bruise, redness, etc. Then you would need to contact your GP right away and alert them of your symptoms. That should be your main source of medical contact as they have the necessary professional details to understand your reaction and find a resolution to it.

Certain medical conditions require you to conduct Vitamin D tests regularly. This is to ensure you avoid any risk of attaining a deficiency in Vitamin D.

Only suitable for ages 18 and over.


The kit includes the following: 3 lancets, blood test tube, plaster, alcohol wipe, instructions, and a pre-paid envelope.