The main purpose of this test kit is to assess whether you are firstly pregnant and secondly, verifying what stage you may be in. Typically, this blood pregnancy test, measure the amount of hormone (HCG) in the blood. So, if you urgently want to find out if you are pregnant, this will be the best and most efficient test to take. The simple finger prick test kit will contain all the necessary items you may need to conduct the blood test. It can be completed in under 5 minutes and once sent back, you will receive your results in 2-4 days.
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  • Easy to use
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Beta is a protein that is found within your HCG hormone. Together they develop during pregnancy and expand as your cycle of pregnancy develops. Generally, your Beta HCG levels will max out after 2 to 3 months of pregnancy. Then they would slowly start to decrease and balance steadily. Remember to take the test 12 days after conception to get the most accurate results.

Home test kits can be suggested by your GP to get a more precise action on what your Reproductive system is doing. By receiving the HCG test, you will have access to a more reliable answer as it will be able to determine an answer very early within your pregnancy or after the 12 days.

Once you receive your result, if your stats are less than 5mIU/mL then that means you are not pregnant whereas anything above 25mIU/mL is seen as a positive. If your levels are between 6 and 24 then you will need to get re-tested.

How to use

Before completing the test, wash and dry your hands. Start by removing the lid off the blood tube, then use the alcohol wipe provided within the kit to clean the tip of your fingertip. Once the area is cleaned, twist and pull the purple tip off the lancet, center the tip on your finger, and push done. This will ensure the fingertip is pricked and blood will start to release from that area. Apply some pressure to ensure a certain amount of blood is released from the finger into the tube. Continue to do it until you meet the line on the tube.

Once that’s done, push the cap back on the tube to avoid any contamination and apply a plaster to your finger. Place the blood tube back into the box and fill out any details on the form provided. Then all you must do is send it off with the pre-paid envelope and wait for your results.

Side effects & Caution

We provide everything you need for a home test kit. A simple finger prick test makes it easy for you to conduct it from the comfort of your own home. Our medical professionals will only need a sample of your blood therefore a minimal amount will be released from your finger. With that being said, you should feel no symptoms or side effects from it as the test is easy and quick to do.

If, however, you are not good with needles and feel some symptoms occurring i.e., headaches, migraines, lightheadedness, nausea, bruise, and weakened muscle. Then we advise you to contact your GP the right way. They will inform you on what to do to prevent any more symptoms from occurring.

Only suitable for ages 18 and over.


The kit includes the following: 3 lancets, blood test tube, plaster, alcohol wipe, instructions, and a pre-paid envelope.