5 reasons why junk food is really more expensive than you think

5 reasons why junk food is really more expensive than you think

Eating health seasonal foods can actually help you save cost. Here is all you need to do...

There is often a debate amongst health freaks and junk food lovers about which is cheaper and/or expensive respectively. The argument that junk food is cheaper than home-cooked food made with natural and nutritious ingredients - is precisely what has led to the rise of obesity and diabetes in the UK.

Whilst the health fanatics of the community argue that it isn't cheaper to eat highly processed food. For instance; a meal of two burgers costs roughly 15.30, whilst you can feed an entire family a delicious meal of roast chicken with garlic and herb baby potatoes and a healthy side of salad for roughly 7.00 - and have leftovers for a roast chicken sandwich the following day.

Therefore, making healthy changes to your diet and having homemade meals over packaged food will actually help you save money. Here's all you need to be mindful of...

Make a shopping list:

The first step to cutting costs and avoiding waste is by maintaining check lists and sticking to your grocery shopping budget. Draw yourself a weekly meal plan, write yourself a shopping list and then stick to it. Try not to be swayed by impulse purchases and refrain from cheat treats like chocolates or any other sugary snack.

Want not, waste not:

Excess shopping will lead to waste and you don't want that. To avoid waste and eat healthy therefore; stick to your weekly meal plan and only buy what you need. Also avoid cooking food in large quantities. Instead eat freshly cooked meals and stay healthy.

Home-cooked meals:

Cooking your own meals at home is a more nutritious and a more cost-efficient way to eat than eating out or ordering takeaways. Also, by cooking homemade meals you can control your calories, portion sizes and nutrition intake. P.S: takeaways are often high in saturated fats and salt and low in fibre and vitamins.

Locally sourced food:

By visiting your local farmers markets, green grocers or butchers you can source natural, nutritious and cheaper ingredients. Try to research on what foods and vegetables are in season as it will help you buy fresh produce and eat healthy seasonal foods, that your health can benefit from.

Compare Prices and read the package:

In order to cut costs and control your nutrition intake you must become price aware and savvy with reading the package for contents.

Pre-packaged fruits and vegetables, for instance, can sometimes cost more than buying them loose. It helps therefore to do your research and be aware of where you can find fresh food for cheaper deals.

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