5 food practices that will help you with weight loss

5 food practices that will help you with weight loss

Here is how you can manage your meals to optimise your health and weight...

There is a lot of information floating around on the internet regarding weight loss. There are fad diets, workouts, exercises and tons of other physical activities but we bet you did not know that you can lose weight by simply managing your food preparation right.       

The foods you consumer and the way you prepare your meal is crucial to a successful weight loss regimen. Managing your portions and cooking your meals right can prove to be extremely beneficial for your health.

Read on as we list a few simple ways in which you can manage your meals to optimise your health and weight...   

Stay organised

Staying organised with your meal preparation, chopping your fresh vegetables in time, rationing and staying in control of your food portions - are all simple ways of helping yourself eat healthy and lose weight. 

Control your portion size

Preparing your meals yourself by measuring the portions of a recipe and by calculating the calorie count per meal; will help you control your portion size and thus help you control your weight. 

Control your calorie count 

This brings us to the frequently asked question - how many calories should you eat in order to lose weight? Well, the answer depends on several factors. It can depend on your gender, height, weight, age and activity level. However you can run a quick calorie heck on the official NHS website.

Keep it simple

The trick to an effective weight loss regimen is keeping it simple. Do not get sucked into complicated fad diets that are difficult to stick to and leave you so hungry, you feel like compensating with a cheat day. The simplest way to eat healthy is portion control, healthier alternatives and a well-rounded balanced diet. 

Maintain a weekly shopping list

Maintaining a weekly food calendar, making sure you eat a balanced diet that consists of all the nutrients and staying organised about it is another great way to drop those extra pounds. Mindfully making a shopping list, detailing your meals per day will not only help you maintain a budget but will also help you follow a healthy balanced diet.

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